Drafting Tables

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    6 products
    Drafting Steel Frame Table
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    High Bar Table
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    Deluxe Eternity High Bar Table
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    Estillo Disc Base Dry Bar Table
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    Anvil Bar Leaner
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    Axis Mobile Bar Leaner Bench Drinks 1050mm High Table Drafting Classroom Tables
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    At Area Office, we understand the need for varied work surfaces and areas to inspire creativity and innovation. Enjoy congregating and collaborating over drafting tables made of high-quality materials — crafted to elevate your workspace and empower you to bring your ideas to life.

    The ultimate office drafting tables

    Our office drafting tables feature adjustable feet, large surfaces and a range of customisable sizes and colours to suit any office needs and preferences. With their sturdy construction and ergonomic design, our Australian-made drafting tables are the best for coming up with creative work, poring over documents or meeting over lunch.

    Choose a drafting table with foot rail support for even more ergonomic benefits such as encouraging postures that increase focus and reduce strain on the neck, back and shoulders during extended periods, or opt for tables with steel frames perfect for hosting various activities during training sessions.

    Area Office — helping you to craft, create and collaborate better

    Whether you’re fitting out a meeting room, breakroom or an entire office, Area Office has the ultimate drafting tables to optimise your spaces and workflows.

    Shop our office drafting tables now and take advantage of our collection and delivery and assembly services. We also accommodate commercial orders and fit-outs, offering everything your office may need, including:

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    What is a drafting table?

    A drafting table is a specialised work surface designed for tasks that require a large flat surface area for precision and accuracy. They typically come with adjustable features and various heights and sizes to provide a comfortable and ergonomic working position.

    Are drafting tables ergonomically beneficial?

    Yes, the large surface area and varied height options allow users to comfortably position their arms, neck and shoulders during long periods of work. At Area Office, we also offer drafting tables with additional foot support for even better posture and comfort.

    How is a drafting table different from a regular work desk?

    Drafting tables may come with more specialised features, but the main differences lie in the large surface area, height, size and purpose. Drafting tables are ideal for creative work that requires precision and accuracy, such as art, design, architecture and engineering.